Here's what to know about hardwood flooring species

Here's what to know about hardwood flooring species

Wood flooring is classic, versatile, and never goes out of style. It's also durable, easy to maintain, and adds value to your property.

Not all species are the same, however. Here's what you need to know.

Some are harder and denser than others

If you have extra durability needs, tell the flooring expert. The Janka Scale of Hardness rates hardwood density.

Come into our showroom to explore some hard ones, such as maple, acacia, hickory, oak, ash, bamboo, and ebony.

Hardwood character

Character is a grade of solid hardwood flooring or engineered wood. It is natural, looking like it just came out of the forest.

There are cracks, wormholes, rings, swirls, etc. Two character grade species are white oak and walnut.

Some species are more dramatic, others subtle

Some, such as white oak, hickory, or pine, have plenty of knots and swirls. Others, such as maple, have almost non-existent knots.

Also, know that the medium-toned woods often show them off better, as do wider planks.

Grain patterns, textures, and stains can also affect the appearance of a hardwood floor.

Whichever you prefer, talk to the staff at the hardwood flooring company. You will be advised accordingly.

Domestic vs. exotic species

Some species, such as oak, maple, pine, walnut, hickory, and more, are grown within North America. They tend to be warmer and more traditional.

The exotic species, such as ebony, teak, etc., come from Indonesia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Brazil. They are darker and more dramatic.

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