Does hardwood flooring width determine style?

Does hardwood flooring width determine style?

When it comes to wood flooring, the width of the floorboards can determine how a room looks and feels. For instance, wide planks can visually expand an already-large space.

Narrow planks offer a contemporary look with their smooth, polished look and clean lines. They work best in smaller, narrow rooms.

Wide planks are ideal for any decor

"Wide plank flooring" refers to planks usually at least five inches wide or higher. Because of the size, these planks show off knots and features even more clearly.

They look great in rustic and traditional interiors. This solid hardwood flooring was trendy in mid-1800s homes.

The typical texture was hand-scraped, which gives the wood a rough-hewn, distressed surface. Modern technology has enabled manufacturers to reproduce the same look of the original milling process today.

Wide plank floors work just as well in contemporary spaces, primarily with lighter-colored woods. They give a room an airier, more open feeling.

Mix it up

Plank sizes that are. Here, you might want to consult the experts at our hardwood flooring company.

More and more people are choosing random-width wood floors. These are planks of different sizes and combined in unique arrangements.

It's a perfect compromise for those who still want to use wide planks in a small space; the arrangement can visually elongate a room. Alternatively, some use random-width wood flooring to give their traditional decor a more modern feeling.

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