Do hardwood floors add value to a home?

In short, the answer is yes; wood flooring adds significant value to your home, whether you install it in a?single room or throughout your home. Today, we will briefly elaborate on what makes them valuable?and how they can best serve you, so read along for more information.

Consider your wood flooring options

Solid hardwood flooring quickly adds the most worth, with lifespans that reach and exceed 100 years,?extensive functionality, and customization that gives you stunning and timeless results. In addition,?you'll find these floors are easy to maintain and can be refinished several times before replacement is?necessary.

Engineered floors are another option in this product line, constructed of layered plywood and topped?with a veneer of natural solid wood. They are a great alternative to solid wood in below-grade spaces?and can also be refinished more than once, depending on the thickness of the wood veneer.

The outstanding performance, appearance, and visual appeal of these materials all come together to?create an excellent flooring choice for any home. Be sure to visit our showroom today to learn more?about these materials and how they can best serve your household.

Visit our hardwood flooring company for materials and services

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